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Knockout.js 3.0 Highlights

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Knockout version 3.0 is now available. Here is a list of links with all of the info:

  • Release on Github - look at the 3.0 Beta and 3.0 RC releases to see a list of changes.
  • Upgrade notes - a list of potential breaking changes.
  • Blog post on 3.0 beta - Steve Sanderson’s post describing the features in 3.0 beta (bottom of post).
  • Blog post on 3.0 RC - another post by Steve on some additional features added in 3.0 RC.
  • knockout.punches - a great plugin by Michael Best that utilizes many of the new extensibility points added in KO 3.0. Michael was the driving force behind the major changes in 3.0 and continues to do amazing work on Knockout core.

I put together a short screencast this morning with some highlights of the features and changes in 3.0:

The new extensibility points in KO 3.0 really open up a ton of interesting options for customizing the way that Knockout can be used. This is definitely an exciting and solid release!