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Knockout 2.0 Is Out!

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KnockoutJS 2.0 is available now! This version was formally known as 1.3 and has been in the works for quite a while. It includes substantial changes that are mainly focused on allowing developers to write cleaner and simpler code while providing additional extensibility points to that allow better control of how Knockout is used. has been thoroughly updated for this release with changes to docs, examples, and tutorials along with some additional advanced topics.

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KnockoutJS 2.0 is an exciting release. The native templating and control-flow bindings allow an easier and streamlined way to change scope and repeat content. It is no longer required to reference an external engine like the jQuery Templates plugin to do templating in Knockout. Even jQuery is not a strict dependency. The additional extensibility points allows developers to explore using Knockout in different ways, such as applying bindings in code rather than declaratively.

I would expect a 2.0.x release in the near future that will include some further performance tweaks that are being explored, but overall 2.0 feels very solid. Go try it now and please leave feedback here or here.