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Giving the Blog a Facelift

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I just finished the process of moving this blog from Blogger to an Octopress site that uses Jekyll to generate a static blog. I am excited to have better control over the look and feel of the blog and to move to a git-based workflow using markdown files for posts.

Here are a few of the steps that I took to make this move:

  • Converted Blogger site to use disqus for comments
  • Imported old comments using the import tool from disqus
  • Imported blog posts into Octopress using the script here to at least get some basic structure and permalinks.
  • At that point, I scrapped all of the HTML for each post and recreated each in markdown. It was a painful and time consuming process, but the posts will hopefully now look consistent and will be easier to edit/update in the future.
  • Made updates/change to the layout and look of the default template.
  • Created an app in Heroku, pushed the site to it, and added the custom domain.
  • Pointed the domain to Heroku.
  • Updated the Feedburner feed to use the new RSS.

I was never too excited about the look, feel, and process of updating the old site. I was mostly focused on getting content out there and a Blogger blog was an easy way to get started. I am excited to continue tweaking the site and using git and markdown for the posts. Hopefully, I will find it easier to make more frequent posts and to update older posts as Knockout changes.