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Tekpub Refactoring Knockout.js Screencast

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Recently, I had the chance to do some pair programming with Rob Conery to refactor a Knockout-based shopping cart for a Tekpub full throttle video. Rob has had a love/hate relationship with Knockout over the years and I have had several discussions with him in the past trying to work through some of his concerns.

He recently asked me to take a look at a Knockout-based shopping cart that he had written for another video. The code was working just fine, but as I dug into it, I started jotting down a LOT of notes. I ended up formatting them in markdown and sent them Rob’s way. He thought that it would be a good idea to record a screencast to really dig into those notes.

Here is a trailer for the screencast:

I personally have had a Tekpub subscription for around two years and definitely recommend the service. They are really putting out some great content lately and have a well-done Knockout series.

Update: here is a link to the notes that I sent Rob.